The premium luxury yacht brands Feadship, Lürssen and Heesen offer some of the world’s’ most expensive luxury items. Their presence while at sea or at port engage attention and the awe of land lovers and sea lovers alike. In 2013, 355 super yachts sold with the most expensive yacht being US$79 million. In 2014, 412 sold with the most expensive being US$150 million. In 2015, 392 sold with the most expensive being over US$200 million. The appetite of consumers for bigger and bigger and more luxurious yachts has grown in each of those years. As the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom reported in 2015, the sales of super yachts were on steroids, with over £2.4 billion spent in the year, approximately US$3.5 billion.

Heesen Yachts

Only a Heesen yacht can take you to the destinations of your dreams by pushing the boundaries of quality, performance and design and offer the high level of luxury service you are accustomed to in your daily life. At 75 metres, Vesta will be the biggest superyacht ever launched by Heesen Yachts. Her aluminium Fast Displacement Hull Form provides an exceptional top speed of 22 knots combined with efficient fuel consumption for a transatlantic range of 4,500 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 14 knots. Whether under way or at anchor, extendable zero-speed stabilisers by Quantum ensure onboard comfort at all times.

Heesen SuperyachtsVesta – Year 2016 – 75m 246ft

Feadship Yachts

Based in the Netherlands and with roots dating back to 1849, Feadship is recognised as the world leader in the field of pure custom superyachts. Although equipped with the most sophisticated telecommunication and entertainment centres that are available in the market which provide owners and guests worldwide communications, movies, music and the ability to use social media from anywhere on these yachts and anywhere at sea.

Feadship SuperyachtsSymphony – Year 2015 – 101.5m 333ft

Lürssen Yachts

Their design, attention to detail, and luxurious finishes, entertain the rich and famous from all parts of the globe. These ultra-premium yacht brands have taken boating to the next level. There is no such thing as “roughing” it on these decadent vessels. Every and anything you’ll ever need is right at your fingertips. Their target market is very specific as affording one of these beauties is no easy task, from millions to hundreds of millions. Their unique and personal designs offers comfort, enjoyment and entertainment at levels unimaginable to many and enjoyed by a few.

Lurssen SuperyachtsDilbar – Year 2016 – 156m 511ft

Mangusta Oceano 42 – The first displacement superyacht ever built by Overmarine Group:

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